A Made-Up Story about Everyday cyborg in parts.

by Gill Haddow

Really excited about the latest animation project about to kick off! Its the sequel to Maggie’s Story and we have decided to open up the narration to include other ‘everyday cyborgs’. I have back working with me the fabulous filmaker Ross Ziegelmeier https://vimeo.com/user25397788 AND a new animator Helen Cowdy https://helencowdy.com/

Here is some ideas that Ross has had about the overall ‘look’ of the animation where the everything is all painted and then digitized;. https://www.instagram.com/p/9Q7y9ESHPC/


And here is some of Helen’s early art work for the ‘made-up story’:


Helen's Heart


The story line is going to follow different imagined ICD patients and they will be represented as collages made up of different images that reflect aspects of their identity drawing upon who they were, what they did, where they live – I have made up the characters. Their identity is therefore literally inscribed on their body. The film follows them through the 5 stages of the cyborgisation process from 1) Becoming cyborg, 2) After Surgery: In but not forgotten 3) Damocles Sword  4) The shocking blame 5) The storm and 6) Acclimatisation.

It’s gonna be good!!!




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