Everyday Cyborgs to Humanimals….

One of the key aims of the research that I am undertaking is to take a comparative approach to how individuals experience altered subjectivities through cybernetic technologies for example, with an exploration of people’s views of alternative replacement materials.  I believe preferences (hypothetically stated) may lead to unique insights into the experiences of being embodied humans.  To this end, and with a huge amount of help, focus groups with different sub-groups of the population and questionnaires to young people have been conducted and distributed.  Analysing the results has begun and it is looking very exciting.  The preferences put to people were:

  1. Living organ donation,
  2. Deceased organ donation,
  3. Cybernetic (mechanical) implants,
  4. Animal transplants (pig mostly),
  5. 3D bioprinted organs.

What one would you prefer?  If you had to be changed, what would you want to be changed with?  And why?



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