Life is a cabaret old chum…CODI on Sunday.

Friday 26th August 2016

So it’s time for the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas on Sunday and I am going to be talking about Animal, Mechanical and Me presenting it in the format of ‘The One-Stop-Human-Body-Shop’. The title of the talk is inspired by Kimbrell’s book The Human Body Shop: The Engineering and Marketing of Human Life (highly recommended and I must re-read). The National Museum of Scotland in the form of the lovely Sophie Goggins has loaned me a couple of items (no spoilers). I watched the amazing Mhairi Aitken  give her talk last year on you tube and feel totally inspired.  I am so going to have Liza Minelli’s Cabaret as a ringtone on my phone…Body Shop 1 (no headshot)ps. I have decided not to go with an actual pig’s heart (not genetically modified obvs). I was going to source from the local butchers but thought better of it for health and safety reasons as well as the possibility of offence to some folks (their noses and sentiments).


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