Animal Mechanical Update And Broken Wings Soundtrack

Hi Folks!

So, my name’s Thoko and I’m a PhD student here at Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, at Edinburgh Uni. I wanted to say hi, and introduce myself because I’m going to working with Gill and the rest of the Animal Mechanical and Me gang for a couple of months. I’ll also be taking over posting on the blog to give Gill a bit of a break in these hectic times…

So, here’s an update of what’s been happening lately. We’ve been working hard for the past few weeks on a bunch of stuff to do with Animal Mechanical. Mainly we’ve been working on the films. There are now four short films: Electrifying the Cyborg Heart, Maggie’s ICD Story, Everyday Cyborg, and Broken Wings (film makers just putting the finishing touches on some of them). Gill and I have been working on a long list of people we can potentially pull together people to get reactions from, using one or more of the films as prompts (doctor’s, nurses, and people with ICD’s to name a few).

We’ve also been working on organising the screening of all the films at the Edinburgh Filmhouse. We’ll watch the films, we’ll have the creators of the films with us, and we’ll have panel style chats about the films and all things Animal Mechanical and Me. It’s probably going to happen sometime in October, so keep an eye on the blog for updates on that. Also, if you have any thoughts on who you think we should invite, or if you really want to come yourself (and are worried you won’t get an invite), send us a note through the blog, tweet us, or just let us know some other way and we’ll put you on the list!

There’s also going to be a screening of the Muirhouse project Broken Wings, in (you guessed it) Muirhouse next week. I’ll blog about it afterward to keep you all in the loop…

In the meantime here’s a taste of the Broken Wings soundtrack!



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