Animating In-Valid You/th

Thursday 6 October

Last night I spent another couple of fantastic couple of hours hanging out with some of the young people on the In-Valid You/th project.  Claudine and Cameron had set up some brilliant stop-motion and other sites around the room.  It was a really nice way for everyone to get hands-on and its interesting to see how ideas can come from discovering techniques as well as conceptual engagement.  I took some photos but I am really excited that some of the early animations might also make it way here on this blog – more about that next week.  As you can tell from the photos below we had a lot of fun too (if anyone is wondering what Claudine is doing on the floor she was volunteering for the ‘human skateboard‘).  I learned a lot about animation techniques with objects and stop-motion artists such as PES and his Oscar nominated short Fresh Guacamole film!  Also an early influence on him was Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer.  We really liked his film called ‘Food‘ as a way of playing around with stop-motion and plasticine!  This is surely what its all about!!


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