BROKEN WINGS! Animating Ava and the humanimals.


Monday 3rd March 2017

The progress is amazing on the animation sequences! With the fantastic support of Claudine and Cameron (and Chrissy too!) we all spent yesterday in Summerhall bringing some quality creative work to the fore.

The story of Ava the humanimal takes centre stage; I will not say much more that that (SPOILERS!!!) other than the film will be called ‘Broken Wings’ and we also have some logo materials created by Annie and Cameron to get the hoodies on for the shoot. The diary dates are in for filming.  Everyone is having a few days of training on how to actually shoot the film this week; some decisions need to be made about casting and actors; and animation sequences to be completed.  It is UNBELIEVABLE the amount of hard work that is going on here.  Last night folks were not even up for leaving aftern spending all day working hard on different parts of the opening sequences..these (young) people and creatives are some kind of amazing and I am one lucky person to be able to hang out.


Not sure what Mia is up to in this one


Some great images


Yuck. That is all.


Annie working hard on the illustrations.


Here’s one we made earlier:)


Siobhan showing me how to make cranes..


Some of the end results.  


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