It might be cold… but Helen Cowdy is on fire.

So Helen is currently working on an animation sequence with Ross roughly called ‘Everyday Cyborgs in Five Parts’ (it’s still a title being played around with). The parts reference was to do with the Cartesian body being easily replaced, repaired or even regenerated (more of 3-D bioprinting in blogs to come). And it was a story in five stages (pre-Cyborg; cyborgisation process; acclimatisation; shocks; life post-shock). The story is an amalgamation from lots of different narratives from everyday ICD cyborgs some related by them, some not. The three characters are entirely fictional (Dan, Flo and Shane) and the animation is also an interpretation of the amalgamation (if that follows!).  It also draws on some of the material that I am working on in an article about ‘Biomedical Nemesis’. But here is the first view of an early storyboard:





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