Chronicles of In-Valid You/th

This is a blog that is going to document an interdisciplinary adventure into engaging young people through the medium of film-making about the social and ethical consequences of physical enhancement and augmentation. It is going to chronicle the journey of those who become involved in making the film about how it feels like to be ‘physically different’ by those who are defined by their age and ‘socio-economic difference’.

So what do you think it feels like to have a bionic head and tentacles for ears? Instead of eyes there are gills and hands have sticky tongues with a brain stimulator that allows the temporary ability to think faster? Over the next 18 months ‘The Chronicles of In-Valid Youth’ will present the challenges and progress that is made from concept to end-result.

In this blog the team, Ali and Allison, Cameron and Claudine, Patrick, Kate, Gill, Tirion, Graham, as well as some of the young people will document their thoughts in print, on film and in pictures.


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