Getting started

Gill Haddow

Kate, Alison, and Ali met today to talk about what we are going to do when we start February 2016. Everyone is pretty excited.  We began to talk around some of the key processes we needed to get in place.  For Ali, it’s recruiting young people from the local school Craigroyston Community High School and so not just those young people who drop in at the MYDG.  Some of these young people who were involved in a previous art project called ‘Pulse’, a live street event, might be interested.  Our timetable will have to keep astride with the school curriculum that will be more limited.  For Kate, it’s time to get in touch with the animators and make sure that everyone is on board and gearing up.  A huge benefit for them is the fact that they will have free rein to work with the young people.  Other artists we might want to involve are authors and novelists, and poets.  Screen Education Edinburgh are going to help with the editing of the film and Kate thinks that they have nodded positively to this.

What is the best way to enthuse the young people about the project; do we hot-house them? Sounds painful but, as Ali, suggests we can take them away for a day and work with all the different parties that day?  Might be easier than scheduling in all the different artists to come in at different times?  Or do we need to do both?

Can we get institutions such as the National Museum of Scotland involved as they have a new Science and Technology Gallery opening in 2016 that will have prosthetics and ICDs etc? What about the Filmhouse and their knowledge of presenting films?  What Professors can we involve to present on some of the ideas for In-valid Youth?

Timetabling we might be looking at getting the project active for 6 months in September-March 2017 giving 6 months lead into and 6 months post for editing etc.   First things first, we need to write to Craigroyston to see if they are happy with recruiting the young people.



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