First team meeting

Tirion Seymour

Today we had a meeting of most of the creative team involved in the project (check out the ‘Meet the In-Valid You/th project team’ page to get to know us all.)

Everyone was excited to get going with the project. We were keen to set something up where young people could really play around with the ideas, and explore the different ideas around body part replacement and human enhancement. Films from the sci-fi genre often show either super-humans/ powerful human/machine hybrids, or characters outcast from society. In our project we will change the focus to what might be the actual realities of living as a cyborg?

There is also the technical side of the project that will involve the young people (and some of the less creative ‘academic’ members of the team!) having a complete introduction to ideas around film-making, animation, sound, story-writing and so on. This chance for young people involved to develop skills and confidence is a really important part of the project, and something that we will achieve using the well-established structures of the Muirhouse Youth Development Group, Screen Education Edinburgh and the Zoom Club. We will also bring in the creative talents of our animation and sound artists, who are already developing some ideas around the feel of the project’s theme.

The team are also hoping to get some inspiration through visiting some medical scientists at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine. There is a team based in Heriot Watt University involved with exciting activities involving the printing of cells using 3D printing techniques. Other scientists in the local area are involved with the development of mechanical devices to repair heart valves. Speaking to such experts, we hope, will give us a taster of the possibilities of biomedical technology that will help in firing our imaginations in developing the film.

We will be continuing to chart our progress throughout the whole project, so keep an eye out for us here and on Twitter!



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